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For students, by students, straight from the Lion’s mouth: The YU Blog provides the inside scoop on student life at York University, sharing information, stories, tips, insights and more than a few good photos. Whether you’re still just considering becoming part of the York community, are making your way through the first year of your program or are already an experienced Yorkie, we’re here to inform, inspire, make you laugh and make you think. Have questions? Tweet us at @yorkustudents.

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A second-year international studies major, Arshia is a Glendon student who lives in residence at the Keele campus. Follow her blog to learn more about how she has the best of both worlds.

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In his third year in York's Marketing program, Daniel is also a Work/Study student at the University's Career Centre, where he communicates career services and opportunities to students. He enjoys getting involved in other on-campus initiatives at York as well, such as the New College Council and various student clubs. Outside of York, he is an avid basketball fan (go Raptors!), listens to electronic dance music and is a self-proclaimed foodie.

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Garima is a first-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Student at YorkU who has an unhealthy obsession with Netflix and Pandas. You will most likely find her with accounting textbooks at Scott Library, or with her friends eating Fro-Yo at York Lanes. She is a self-proclaimed music junkie and loves to travel the world.

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Megan is a third-year Psychology student. Follow her on her journey of self-development as she explores and ventures through campus.

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Rebecca Mangra

Hi York U! I'm a third-year English major with a zest for the written word. You can most likely find me sitting in Starbucks penning my next blockbuster piece or reading one. I hope my articles spark inspiration and encourage you to reach out and change the world — even if the world that you change is your own.

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Sam is a fourth-year Communications student with a crippling inability to provide an interesting bio. He can't function without music, he is always wishing that he read more, and he will do just about anything for a bag of tomato-basil rice cakes.

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Simone Visentin is an international student at YorkU. He is working to complete his degree in Communication Studies at the Keele Campus and a certificate in Spanish-English translation at Glendon. He is passionate about languages and music. He speaks Italian, Spanish, English and French. He is also a songwriter, music producer and host for Radio Glendon.

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Sunera is a recent graduate of York University (May 2016) who has some ongoing projects with the Division of Students. As an undergraduate student, she enjoyed getting involved on campus and held various Work/Study positions, all the while making new friends. As a foodie and a fitness enthusiast she enjoys exploring the eateries at York and walking through the picturesque campus to sneak in some extra exercise!

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