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Posted by Sunera on June 25, 2014

On-board to York

Anyone who is over 21 years of age, or is pursuing graduate studies is considered a mature student. Now, that we have established who classifies as a mature student–lets talk living arrangements. This can especially serve as a challenge if you are not from Toronto, and will be attending YorkU form another province, or perhaps a different country altogether. Then, I bet the first thing on you mind is where you will be living. As a mature student myself, I know we have preferences regarding our living arrangements. Maybe you would like to avoid surprises when it comes to your roommates and if you are used to living solo, perhaps you want continue that trend.

Living arrangements that suit our lifestyle are important especially if you are starting a new journey in graduate studies or returning to studies as a mature students, perhaps you have children. But, there is only one problem. You haven’t decided where you will be living. And, considering all these possibilities you are interested on living on campus. Then you will be happy to know that York University has three apartment building options for mature students at Keele Campus– Assiniboine Road Apartments, Passy Garden Apartments, and 90 Atkinson apartments.

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The Benefits: There are many benefits of living on residence. And, mature student apartments are on-campus apartments designed specifically to serve to the needs of mature students.

  • Living on-campus, you are minutes away from your classes.
  • Child-care facility is located in the heart of the campus.
  • Designed to cater to the needs of mature students providing them with a personal space that offers independent living.
  • Fantastic option to connect with like-minded individuals living amongst other mature and graduate students making it a great support network system .
  • Choice of decorating your apartment, or get a pre-furnished apartment.
  • All mature student apartments come with a private kitchen and a bathroom.
  • Less Noise.

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Tours: To find out if mature student apartments are a suitable choice for you be sure to attend a tour.

When:  Summer tours of Assiniboine and Passy Garden Apartments start from June 9th at 2 p.m from Monday to Friday (with the exception of long weekends).

Where: Tours depart from the main Housing Office at 340 Assiniboine Road.

Virtual tours: Find out more information on the apartments for mature students by taking a virtual tour online.

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How to applyTo qualify for an apartment: 

To qualify for a mature student apartments at YorkU, students must be enrolled for full-time studies. Future students can apply through My File and current students through their Passport York Login. To qualify for residence students must clear all outstanding balances on their accounts. For more information visit the application and eligibility web page. The apartments are offered on a yearly basis depending on availability. You can also explore the off-campus housing options available at the Village. These houses are are owned by landlords and rented to students independently of the university.


Sunera graduated from York University in May, 2016 with an Honours BA in Work and Labour Studies.

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  • Serviced Apartments Guy

    These apartments look very luxurious for student rentals!

  • Isadora

    Hi! My name is Isadora.
    Thank you for the post!
    I have one question… I’d apply for York apartment, but I don’t know where to follow my application status.
    How will I know if I got it?
    I’d call several times for their office, but they never pick up my calls…
    Thank you!

    • Sunera

      Hi Isadora! Please note that the peak application processing period is May-June-July for the August/September occupancy. Applications are prioritized in date order of receipt of application. If you have not heard from the Student Housing within 6 weeks prior to your desired move-in date, you can contact them to check the status of your application by e-mailing at

      Please, let me know if you have any further questions. 🙂

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