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Posted by clivane on April 24, 2015

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Are you interested in on-campus employment opportunities while studying at York? You’re not alone! At York, there are several on-campus employment programs including Work/Study, Research at York (RAY), College Life at York (CLAY) and York Engaged Students (YES). There are employment opportunities available for international students as well.

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Hi, my name is Clivane Previlon, and I am excited to be featured as a guest blogger on the YU Blog! Today I will tell you about the College Life at York program (CLAY). I currently have an on-campus, part-time CLAY position in the Office of the Master at Vanier College; since May 2013, I have worked as a Book Sale Coordinator and an Archive/Special Projects Support Assistant.

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The Benefits

I didn’t know that working part-time on campus would have numerous benefits (besides earning extra money) including:

  • gaining valuable work experience in your area of study;
  • contributing to university life;
  • developing leadership, interpersonal and communication skills;
  • networking and making new friends.

In addition, on-campus jobs allow you the flexibility and convenience of scheduling work around your class times. When midterms and group assignments come along, you’ll understand how valuable it is to work on campus!

About CLAY positions

The goal of College Life at York is to enhance the student experience within the college system at York. So what does that mean? You may not know that on being admitted to the university, every York student becomes affiliated with one of its nine colleges, based on either your program of study or the residence you live in on campus. Belonging to a smaller community like a college is one of my favourite things about York. My college affiliation allows me to get answers to all my academic questions, gives me access to study spaces to do homework and hang out with friends, and offers participation in a variety of fun athletic, social and cultural activities through the student-run college council.

A CLAY job is unique in that it teaches you skills and knowledge that can prepare you for the working world, while you are also providing services to fellow students through the college system. Worried that you’ll be stuck behind a desk or filing? Have no fear! CLAY positions guarantee less than 20 percent office work.

Here are some sample CLAY positions:

  • Clubs and Program Support Assistant
  • Productions Technical Manager/Technical Director
  • Marketing and Website Support Assistant

As a Book Sale Coordinator, I assist with the preparation, promotion, operation and take-down of the annual Vanier College Book Sale. Some days I find myself sight-seeing on campus as I pick up book donations from different departments; other days I spend categorizing a wide range of new and used books alongside fellow CLAY students.

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I have also had the opportunity to assist with special events such as Academic Orientation and Convocation. The best thing for me about working on campus? As a commuter and Glendon student, working at Vanier College has allowed me to immerse myself more in Keele campus life.

When can you apply?

CLAY positions are mostly available during the main academic session from September to April, and these job postings usually appear between late August and early September. So if you are seeking a job for your first year of university, you should apply in early or mid-September. The great thing with on-campus jobs is that you will often have the opportunity to be rehired during the summer academic session if you are enrolling in the next fall/winter session or are enrolled in summer courses.

Where and how do I apply?

So how do you apply for a CLAY position or other on-campus jobs? You can search for jobs and apply online through the Career Centre Web site. Make sure you complete the online Student Financial Profile, which will determine your financial eligibility. You can look for postings by position type (RAY, Work/Study, CLAY, or YES) using the “Position Type” drop-down box at the top of the main “Job Postings” section. Then you can click on any title of interest to you and follow the application instructions in the upper right corner.

Some Final Tips

  • Follow the employer’s application instructions carefully. In addition to your resumé, check whether you need a cover letter or a writing sample.
  • Apply for as many jobs as you can! The more jobs you apply for, the greater chance you have of hearing back from an employer (this is also true for any job searches outside the University).

For more information about the CLAY program and other on-campus employment opportunities, visit the Student Financial Services website.

Good luck!

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