Author: Rebecca

Rebecca M. is a third-year English major. She no longer blogs regularly for the YU Blog but may post on occasion as a guest-blogger.

Posted by Rebecca on October 23, 2015

David Collenette, one of Glendon’s most notable alumni, recently (at June’s Spring Convocation) said that Glendon College is a “bilingual gem in a unilingual sea.” I love that ...
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Posted by Rebecca on September 2, 2015

Perfecting the art of studying at university can be quite the task. With all the reading and writing assignments we as students have to complete every week, it can be hard to keep up. York Lions are ...
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Posted by Rebecca on August 19, 2015

Orientation Week (or O-Week as it is informally called) is only a few weeks away, and it is one of the biggest events of the year! Orientation Week is a week of events filled with parties, trips, and ...
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Posted by Rebecca on August 14, 2015

The journey from your first to last year in university can seem to take a long time. Yet by many accounts, the years fly by! As an incoming student, you should know that what happens in the classroom ...
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Posted by Rebecca on August 5, 2015

Beginning your university adventure is a little different than preparing for your first day of high school. As you’ll come to realize, there are quite a few more moving parts involved. Fortunately, ...
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Posted by Rebecca on July 29, 2015

If you are a first-year student, one of your most important tasks after accepting your offer is selecting your courses. At York, a cornucopia of choices await! All academic programs demand both core ...
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Posted by Rebecca on July 24, 2015

Hi everyone! We have now reached the halfway point of summer, which means that between cold drinks on the beach and late-night campfires, the thought of school might be creeping in. If you are enterin ...
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Posted by Rebecca on July 15, 2015

The Games have officially started! Considering the spectacular Opening Ceremonies this past Friday and the 25 gold medals Canada has won so far (64 medals in total), it is no wonder that Games feve ...
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Posted by Rebecca on June 9, 2015

My name is Rebecca, and I am a second-year York student pursuing an Honours BA in English — soon it will be Creative Writing, an upper-year entry program. Welcome to A YU Perspective, my stream with ...
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