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Posted by Rebecca Denyer on July 20, 2017

Craig Kielburger, a York University alumnus and co-founder of the WE organization, once said: “It’s easier to be ignorant and say ‘I don’t know about the problem.’ But on ...
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Posted by Megan on August 7, 2014

One thing that really sets university apart from high school, especially at York, is the ability to really find yourself and live authentically. As incoming first years there is no better chance to st ...
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Posted by Megan on July 15, 2014

Adjusting to university isn’t only tricky for a student, it often is tricky for their family as well. Today’s post is going to point out some resources and tips to help minimize the diffic ...
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Posted by Kira on January 18, 2013

The transition between high school and post-secondary education is huge. The switch from Grade 8 to high school pales in comparison. For many, going to university also involves moving out of your chil ...
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