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Posted by York & U on September 5, 2017

As a student, you spend a lot of time on campus, from the lecture halls where you have classes to the green space where you hang out with your friends. No matter where you are on campus, York Universi ...
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Posted by Sunera on August 13, 2014

We all have our concerns when starting a new journey in life. With any new journey come a lot of questions. After high-school graduation, when I started applying for universities I did not understand ...
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Posted by Megan on July 17, 2014

Safety is a topic that a lot of new students ask questions about. I’m hoping that this article will highlight all the great resources that York currently offers so that students and their famili ...
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Posted by Megan on December 11, 2013

I’ve always been happy with York’s security. I personally feel that York has a lot of impressive resources – ranging from their GOSafe service to safety phones around campus, and eve ...
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Posted by York & U on February 24, 2012

Not everyone wants to live on campus and York recognizes this. The University acknowledges that many students choose to commute and so it offers some advice in choosing a place to live while studying. ...
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Posted by York & U on February 22, 2012

For some students, living at home and commuting to campus is not an option. Flying 3000km a day to get to school just doesn’t seem worth it. For those who don’t live nearby, York offers a range of ...
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